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    Trinny and Susannah: What They Did Next

    Just when you thought Trinny and Susannah couldn’t get any more naked, the queens of make over are back! Watch their new series. Win competitions. Or ask the girls a question. It’s TV, but like you’ve never seen it before...

    Episode 1 Part 1: Watch all 16 webisodes of the whole uncut show here - want to jump ahead to a particular webisode? Click here


    “The girls have quit makeover shows and come back with a hilarious spoof of themselves. Think The Office meets Absolutely Fabulous… - it's brilliant!” The Mirror

     “an elaborately knowing spoof – part Alan Partridge, part The Office, part The Thick of It. There's even a touch of Borat…” The Guardian

    “…. cruelly self-depreciating in the manner of The Office. I had to stuff my blue-and-white stripy T-shirt in my mouth” AA Gill The Sunday Times

    “A merciless satire. It’s very funny, a sort of Ab Fab meets The Office… Funny, frank and amusingly up-front.” The Telegraph

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    Episode 1

    The Short Goodbye

    Episode 2

    Along Came Toby

    Episode 3

    Project Career

    Episode 4

    Accidentally On Purpose