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Susannah goes everywhere at 100mph, which explains, among other things, the stack of unpaid speeding fines. Compared to Trinny, she’s a model of Zen stillness, but don’t let that fool you. Disorganised, delightful, and prone to shooting things, she dresses down at home and sometimes forgets to dress back up again when Trinny persuades her to come up to London. Which isn’t often – she happiest at home in her ramshackle, bohemian country pile, glass of red in hand, surrounded by family and (mostly gay) friends.


Trinny is a 300mph speedball of immaculate energy. The only thing that slows her down is her own ‘slight’ OCD, and a sense that the world is never going to match up to her expectations. She is funny, blunt, razor-sharp and constantly achieving. Achieving anything, doesn’t matter what, just achieving.

Trinny will seamlessly juggle her round-the-clock beautification regime (Botox, yoga, colonics, macrobiotic diet and anti-cellulite beatings with a hairy man called Julio…) with the rigours of starring in her own reality show.


Gemma The Nanny

Grossly overqualified, Gemma is the control centre, the Wizard of Oz, the mother mother. Trinny and Susannah’s diary, their personal lives, their frequent crises – she takes them all in her stride, swatting problems away like flies. In return, she’s taken for granted, neglected and left to get the bus home. But despite this, Gemma remains fiercely protective of her employers, seeing them basically as children who need her motherly love. So when they start bringing home boyfriends, what’s a mother to do..?


Leonard The Agent

Leonard is the best in the business. Known throughout the world for his incredible talent handling and razor sharp eye for a deal. He and the girls go way back and he’s intimately familiar with every one of their kinks and foibles. Having masterminded the rise of some of the biggest names in entertainment, he handles Trinny and Susannah like a sculptor handles stone, fashioning magnificence from the raw material.


Toby The New Agent

Young, enthusiastic and utterly without fear, Toby is bursting with energy and bad ideas. Having worked in the mailroom of a large showbiz agency, Toby knows a lot less than he thinks he does about how the entertainment industry works. His main attribute is an almost charming naiveté, which enables him to keep his head above water long after he should have drowned, taking Trinny and Susannah’s careers with him. But Toby is a survivor – which is good news for Toby, but bad news for the future of the species.


Andy The Contributor

Young, good looking and smart, Andy is ambling through life with a half-decent degree and no set plans. Floppy haired and recently heart broken, he is easily recruited by Hurricane Trinny & Susannah and is dragged with varying degrees of willingness through their world. He’s perfectly capable of running his own life but for better or worse finds himself at the very centre of theirs with potentially life changing consequences.