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  • Episode 1 (Part 1-4)

    The Short Goodbye

    After losing their agent and latest endorsement, the girls are left humiliated in front of their friends and forced to sell their Magic Knickers at unglamorous trade shows.


  • Episode 2 (Part 1-4)

    Along Came Toby

    Trinny and susannah are on the market for a new agent when they meet toby. After a disasterous trip to ascot, toby finally has some good news’



  • Episode 3 (part 1-4)

    Project Career

    The girls have to film a pilot for their new TV show, starring their hapless contributor Andy. Trinny and Susannah plunge him into the deep end with a PR assignment – leaving Gemma to pick up the pieces.



  • Episode 4 (part 1-4)

    Accidentally On Purpose

    Trinny and Susannah work on the pilot for Getting A Leg Up with plenty of mishaps along the way – fortunately Gemma is on hand to persuade Andy to stay.