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Quotes from the Press

  •  “an elaborately knowing spoof – part Alan Partridge, part The Office, part The Thick of It. There’s even a touch of Borat…” The Guardian
  •  “Given the push by ITV, Trinny and Susannah were facing tough times. Their hilarious solution puts them at the forefront of the TV revolution…” The Sunday Times
  • “…reminds us why these two well-dressed, slightly chaotic, posh ladies are so entertaining” The Independent
  • “A merciless satire. It’s very funny, a sort of Ab Fab meets The Office… Funny, frank and amusingly up-front.” The Telegraph
  • “The girls have quit makeover shows and come back with a hilarious spoof of themselves. Think The Office meets Absolutely Fabulous… – it’s brilliant!” The Mirror
  • “It mashes prank TV, reality TV, sleb culture and fear of oblivion into a smart, sharp and painful four-parter that is, appropriately enough, available only online.” The Sunday Times
  • “every self-respecting fashionista should be tuning in” NOW Magazine
  • “inspired, not to mention hilarious”
  • “This is Trinny and Susannah as you’ve never seen them – turn the volume down if you are at work – there is swearing. And it is bloody funny.”
  • “Satire never looked so stylish” The Collective Review 


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